Perfect-Tee™ wins big at RE/MAX World Championship

  Santa Barbara, CA October 28, 2002 . . . . . ACORN Golf, Inc. announced today that its new, proprietary, and oversized three-inch version of its successful 2.25-inch Perfect-Tee™ scored some impressive major wins at the recent RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship held in Mesquite, Nevada on October 15-19, 2002. Four the 21 finalists used the Perfect-Tee; Pat Dempsey who won the Senior Division with a drive of 342 yards, Mike Gorton who placed second in the Senior Division with a drive of 336 yards, John Tutty who placed fifth in the Senior Division with a drive of 319 yards, and Jo D. Duncan who placed second in the Women’s Division with a drive of 286 yards all used the Perfect-Tee.

The Perfect-Tee the "official golf tee" of the Long Drivers of American (LDA) was an official sponsor of the RE/MAX 2002 World Long Drive Championship and will also be an official sponsor for all 2003 LDA events.

Over the past year most golf equipment companies have announced new drivers that meet USGA’s new COR specifications (co-efficient of restitution) and incorporate oversized driver heads attempting to provide golfers at all levels of playing ability, including RE/MAX-LDA competitors with longer drives.

To meet that need ACORN Golf designed an "oversized" three-inch Perfect-Tee that works well for golfers and RE/MAX-LDA competitors who use drivers that have larger heads and/or who like to tee their golf ball up high. The three-inch Perfect-Tee is the "perfect" answer to meet this market need. This new tee has been thoroughly tested by PGA professionals, low and high handicap amateurs, and by many members of the Long Drivers of America, and now RE/MAX competitors, and found to perform as advertised – i.e., longer, straighter, and more accurate drives can be achieved by using the Perfect-Tee.

The three-inch Perfect-Tee was designed to incorporate all of the features of the highly successful standard 2.25-inch Perfect-Tee, but it also incorporates new "retention teeth" that minimizes and/or eliminates tees from flying after being struck by a golf club while hitting a golf ball off a tee box. Some of the other important features incorporated into the three-inch Perfect-Tee include: the tee won’t break because it is made from super-strong aero-space composite material and golf balls can be teed up to the same height each and every time. The Perfect-Tee can also be used to repair ball marks on the green and clean debris from golf club hear grooves and shoe spikes.

In addition to its playing benefits over traditional wood golf tees, the three-inch Perfect-Tee also offers a significant cost savings because it doesn’t break like oversized wood tees. The greater stability inherent with the Perfect-Tee (due to its head being 18% larger than a wood tee) becomes even more important when balls are teed up to the higher heights required by oversized drivers.

The Perfect-Tee is approved for use under the Rules of Golf by the USGA and the R&A.

Commenting on the success of its three-inch Perfect-Tee at the recent RE/MAX event, C. Paul Davis, President and CEO stated, "We are delighted that 27 competitors at the RE/MAX World Drive Championship used the Perfect-Tee and four of them were finalists. The "frosting on the cake" for us was when Pat Dempsey won the Senior Division with a drive of 342 yards using the Perfect-Tee. We think that speaks volumes for the benefits of Perfect-Tee – longer and straighter drives", said Davis. "Only two of the 168 RE/MAX competitors had used the Perfect-Tee prior to the RE/MAX event. The fact that so many competitors chose to use the Perfect-Tee I believe says something important, concluded", Davis.

Perfect-Tees can be purchased at many leading green grass pro shops, retail golf stores, and catalogs. The three-inch Perfect-Tees can also be purchased directly from ACORN Golf at: 800.524.1942, or on its website at:

ACORN Golf is a Santa Barbara based golf supplies and accessories company that specializes in designing, producing, and selling new, innovative, and proprietary golf products like the Perfect-Tee™. In less than three years over 500,000 golfers around the world have switched to the Perfect-Tee. ACORN Golf has just recently introduced two new products: its new three-inch Perfect-Tee and its new TeeKeeper™ for storing up to three (3) Perfect-Tees.


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