Feedback from hundreds of golfers who have written testimonial letters on the Perfect-Tee has been summarized into the two following Summary Overviews - "The Essence of the Perfect-Tee" and "Why golfers trust their game to the Perfect-Tee".


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Paul Runyan


Mr. Paul Runyan, winner of two PGA Championships 1934 and 1938, and 50 other PGA golf tournaments said this about the Perfect-Tee:

"The Perfect-Tee is the best golf tee in the world"

"The Perfect-Tee is just that—perfect"

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Testimonial Quotes


"The Perfect-Tee tends to give me the confidence  I have lacked with my driver."
Pepperdine Men's Golf Coach
1997 NCAA National Champion

"I truly believe you have developed a product that will benefit golfers at all level."
Golf Professional
Bermuda Dunes, CA

"I think you have a great product. Also, it doesn't break like a wooden tee."
PGA Golf Professional
Palm Desert, CA

"I have been hitting the ball off the tee longer and straighter and the only thing I've changed is switching to the Perfect-Tee."
Head Golf Professional
Rancho La Quinta, CA

"I won the long longest drive contest with a distance of 320 yards. I credit the Perfect-Tee."
Assistant Golf Coach
Bakersfield, CA

"The team totally endorses the Perfect-Tee."
Golf Coach Carpinteria High School
Carpinteria, CA

"The tee works!"
PGA Member
American Golf


"I hit about 100 drives off those launching pads and like the benefit they gave me. Also I only needed one tee."
Long Drive Champion and Tour Player
San Diego, CA

"I had no problem with my balls falling off the tee in the high winds, and my drives were long and straight."
Birmingham, AL

"I have shot under par every time I have played with the tee. Thanks again."
Golf Professional
Palm Desert, CA

"One of the best new golf products I've seen. I scored an ace!. Put me down as a true believer in the Perfect-Tee."
Santa Barbara, CA

"Thanks for the great tee. It has improved my golf game."
Los Angeles, CA

"To all of our amazement, we cannot believe the distance we have gotten when using your tees."
Santa Maria, CA

"Confidence, consistency, pure hits, and oh yes, the best by-product of all...distance"
Olympian/National Long Driver Competitor
Houston, Texas

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Testimonial Letters


Cary Schuman
26500 West Agoura Road
Suite 320
Calabasas, CA 91302

August 20, 2001

Mr. C. Paul Davis
President & CEO ACORN Golf, Incorporated
P.O. Box 50220
Santa Barbara, CA 93150

Dear Paul:

I am delighted to be involved with the Perfect-Tee. As you know, I am using your tee myself, as well as promoting it at all of my long drive exhibitions around the country.

I believe you have designed one of the best new golf products I have seen in a long time. I feel that golfers can improve their game by using the Perfect-Tee. As you requested, you have my approval to use the following testimonial in your television commercials, web site, and general promotional material.

"The Perfect-Tee has become my best friend. It has allowed me to perform at the highest and longest level. If you want to hit your drives long and straight, I suggest you use the Perfect-Tee. I do."

I wish you and your company well and look forward to watching the Perfect-Tee become a huge commercial success.

Sincerely yours,

Cary Schuman


Gerald A. Garrison
28 Willow Oak Court
Littlerock, Arkansas 72211

April 25, 2000


I have now practiced and played with the Perfect-Tee for two weeks, including two Senior Tour Qualifiers. All total at least eight rounds!

I have missed one fairway off the tee and that was trying to drive a green. The ball landing in a bunker in front of the green – on line.

Where I have used the short tee for irons and short woods, I am 98% accurate.

Please note – I am a very straight hitter anyway. But I do feel more (and see) consistency in trajectory and contact due to consistent ball height. I must assume this leads to more effective distance due to less anxiousness about what’s going to happen. I believe it does help in being more imaginative in your shot selection.

In summary, I am convinced it has helped and I will continue to use the Perfect-Tee instead of conventional wood tees.

It is more durable and takes less space in your pocket then conventional tees.

Jerry Garrison

PGA Professional Senior Tour

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