Using the Perfect-Tee results in longer, straighter and more accurate drives off of the tee box for most golfers. This combined with the Perfect-Tees being a solid launching pad results in increased consistency and confidence for most golfers.

Survey results indicate that compared to a wood tee:

  42-49% of first time users played more confidently or consistently

  100% of those who have used the Perfect-Tee an average of 59 rounds play more confidently or consistently

Here is what some Perfect-Tee users say:

  " The Perfect-Tee tends to give me the confidence I have lacked with my driver."
John Geiberger
Pepperdine Men's Golf Coach
1997 NCAA National Champions

" Confidence, consistency, pure hits, and oh yes, the best by-product of all...distance."
Roger J. Caplan
Olympian/National Long Drive Competitor
Houston Texas

" The Perfect-Tee is exactly that—perfect."
  " The Perfect-Tee is the best golf tee in the world."
Paul Runyan
Winner of over 50 PGA Tournaments
Tiger Woods just tied his record of 9 PGA wins in one year


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