The Essence of the Perfect-Tee


There's something about the Perfect-Tee that golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to pros, find unusually satisfying. The Perfect-Tee allows most golfers to hit the most enjoyable golf shots of their life. The Perfect-Tee allows golfers to play with more confidence than ever before. The Perfect-Tee makes hitting the golf ball more satisfying, more often. We recommend that all golfers should take the Perfect-Tee for a test drive. It truly is the only way to really understand the Perfect-Tee.

Why golfers trust their game to the Perfect-Tee


Increased confidence on the tee box. More precise height of the golf ball each and every time. Longer, straighter, and more accurate drives. An attractive look with a great set-up at address. A feeling that the Perfect-Tee is a "launching pad". A more consistent solid feel on contact.  Once you hit a golf ball off the Perfect-Tee, you'll know why it has become the preferred golf tee of avid golfers (professional to beginners) everywhere. Take the Perfect-Tee for a test drive and you'll know what you've heard is true.


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