Howard Hankey

  Long Drive Competitor
9262 W. Texas Drive
Lakewood, CO 80232-5100

  The following comments and direct quotes were excerpted from a number of e-mails received from Howard Hankey (September 17, 2002 through September 24, 2002). Howard’s comments and direct quotes were organized and placed into categories, using Howard’s actual words that were cut and pasted from his e-mails. Howard has reviewed this compilation, agrees that it accurately describes his experience with the Perfect-Tee to date and has approved ACORN Golf’s use and release of this information. Howard has also indicated he welcomes your calls on his personal toll free number in case you would like to talk to him.

I compete in LDA’s Senior Division. I have been in this sport since 1987 and to the Finals twice. My swing speed is about 120+. I used the Perfect-Tee over the weekend and hit probably 300 balls.


As in real estate with location, location, location, the tees had consistency, consistency, consistency. Very good for repetition and direction needed in longdrive


Having used the tees for 3 days now, I am becoming very confident with the Perfect Tees. I use a wooden tee at various times during my practice, so I could give honest feedback.


Length - carry and distance looks to be more. The driving range I used balls that were old and didn’t travel very far. Distance with the P-T is maybe 10% more. Could be significant this week-end.

The other 11 balls went where I aimed them and about 20 to 30 yds longer than with the wooden tee.


Straightness - by far more straight. Shot dispersion 40% less


Accuracy - wooden tee 50% accurate; Perfect Tee 75 - 80 % accurate

I believe that PT will increase the number in-bounds! I think in-bounds instead of out-of-bounds. Huge advantage!

Normal length wooden tee - 3 1/4" – used with about 1/8" in the ground. It is difficult to be accurate and to know each time how much of the tee is in the ground.
I did an experiment today with the wooden tees and the Perfect Tees. I hit 12 balls with the wooden tees and 12 balls with the Perfect Tee. The first 2 or 3 balls with the wooden tees went directly left. The next 4 or 5 balls went fairly straight. The last 3 balls went straight and a good distance. The first ball with the Perfect Tee went straight. The other 11 balls went where I aimed them and about 20 to 30 yards longer than with the wooden tee.

Trajectory and Angle

I was able to adjust the angle for the different clubs that I have (6-degree up to 9-degree). I can't do that with wooden tees. More forward angle seemed to give me more solid contact.

Set-up/Adjustment Time

The best result was the fact that I don't have to adjust for the Perfect Tee as I do for wooden tees. Adjustment time is extremely important in competition when there are 5 or 6 minutes to hit 6 balls and each ball has to be straight and long.


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