SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS -- Long Drivers of America (LDA) has announced that Perfect-Tee, an innovative, multipurpose golf tee, has become the official tee for all LDA-sanctioned long drive competitions, including the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship and the Pinnacle LDA Tour.

Perfect-Tee, invented, produced and marketed by ACORN Golf, Inc. of Santa Barbara, California, incorporates various proprietary design properties that create a dynamic launching pad for long and accurate tee shots.

Among Perfect-Tee's features are a head that is 18 percent larger than wood tees, O rings that protect both the face and sole of the driver, a composite material used in the aerospace industry that is guaranteed not to break, arch construction that creates a uniform and repeatable teeing height, legs that can repair ball marks on greens, and leg tips that can be used to clean debris in clubhead grooves or in shoe spikes.

More product information about Perfect-Tee, which conforms with USGA specifications, is available at or by calling 800-524-1942.

"We're delighted to have an affiliation with ACORN Golf and its Perfect-Tee, and to add the company to a growing list of sponsors for the sport of long drive," said LDA owner and president Art Sellinger. "I've tested the product and seen its benefits."

ACORN Golf recently expanded its Perfect-Tee product line by creating a new 3-inch tee for use in LDA-sanctioned competitions, as well as by professional and amateur golfers around the world. The line already includes 2.25-inch tees for normal-sized driver heads and 1.5-inch tees for irons and fairway woods.

"We've already seen many PGA Tour professionals and avid amateur golfers achieve more distance and accuracy by using our product," said C. Paul Davis, ACORN Golf chief executive officer and inventor of Perfect-Tee. "We're delighted the LDA has tested our new three-inch Perfect-Tee and recognized its value for the world's longest hitters by choosing it as LDA's official golf tee."


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