The 18% larger head, construction, relief hole, and o-rings create a stable launching pad that allows the club face to square up with the ball in such a way that many golfers hit their golf ball longer when using the Perfect-Tee.

Survey results indicate that compared to a wood tee:

  41% of first time users hit longer

  79% of those who have used the Perfect-Tee an average of 59 rounds hit longer

Here is what some Perfect-Tee users say:

  " I won the long drive contest with a distance of 320 yards. I credit the Perfect-Tee."
Beau Redstone
Assistant Golf Coach
Bakersfield, CA

" To all of our amazement, we cannot believe the distance we have gotten using your tees."
Don Freeze
Santa Maria, CA

  " Confidence, consistency, pure hits, and oh yes, the best by-product of all ....distance."
Roger J. Capan
Olympian/National Long Driver Competitor
Houston, Texas


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