The 18% larger head, construction, relief hole and o-rings create a stable launching pad that squares up the club head with the ball more precisely.

Survey results indicate that compared to a wood tee:

  55% of first time users hit straighter & more accurately

  95% of those who have used the Perfect-Tee an averageof 59 rounds hit straighter & more accurately

Here is what some Perfect-Tee users say:

  " I can't put my finger on exactly why I'm hitting the ball longer and straighter but hey I'm not going to argue with my new found success."
Ron Heller
Camarillo, CA

" I have been hitting the ball off the tee box longer and straighter and the only thing that I've changed is switching to the Perfect-Tee."
Fred Rodriguez
Head Golf Professional
Rancho La Quinta, CA

  " My miss hits go 20 yards longer than I had been experiencing using a wood tee. My conclusion is that the Perfect-Tee is even more forgiving when I make a poor hit."
Frank Browning
Riviera CC
Los Angeles, CA


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