RE/MAX 2002 World Long Drive Championship

  Mesquite, Nevada
October 15 - 19, 2002

ACORN Golf participated as an "official sponsor" of the RE/Max 2002 World Long Drive Championship held in Mesquite, Nevada from October 15-19, 2002. ACORN Golf also used this event to introduce its new three-inch Perfect-Tee designed for golfers like RE/MAX competitors who use an oversized driver head and/or like to tee their golf ball up high. The LDA selected the 3.0-inch Perfect-Tee as the "official golf tee of the LDA" for the RE/MAX event and for all 2003 LDA sponsored events. This new, innovative, and proprietary golf tee was enthusiastically received and embraced by many RE/MAX-LDA competitors, most of the amateur golfers who competed in the Pro-Am golf tournaments, and by many of the spectators who attended the various day and evening events over the five days.

  Statistical data:

  There were 168 total adult competitors in the Open, Senior, and Women's Divisions.

For an estimated 113 (or 67%) of the competitors the 3.0-inch Perfect-Tee was not long enough. This means that the 3.0-inch Perfect-Tee was long enough for an estimated 55 (or 33%) of the competitors.

Of the 55 competitors where the Perfect-Tee was long enough – 27 (or 49%) used the Perfect-Tee during competition.

There were 21 finalists in the competition using the Perfect-Tee in the three adult Divisions: Open – 8, Senior - 8, and Women’s – 5.

  Of the 21 competitors in the finals, 4 (or 19%) used the Perfect-Tee.

  Finalists who used the Perfect-Tee were:

Senior Division:

  Pat Dempsey Winner (342 yards)
Mike Gorton Second Place (336 yards)
John Tutty Fifth Place (319 yards)

Women’s Division:
  Jo D. Duncan Second Place (286 yards)

  There were many other RE/MAX-LDA competitors who would have used the Perfect-Tee, if the Perfect-Tee were longer than three-inches (the desired length as expressed by many RE/MAX-LDA competitors was between 3.5 to 4.0 inches). However, many of the RE/MAX-LDA competitors did use the three-inch Perfect-Tee in the various Pro-Am Golf tournaments and recommended it highly to many of the amateur golfers who also participated.

  Other noteworthy accomplishments of the Perfect-Tee:

  Steve Monroe had the longest drive in the first day of Open Competition – 363 yards.

Carl Wolter, Winner of the Open Division (384 yards) really liked the three-inch Perfect-Tee but it wasn’t long enough for him to use in competition. However, he played with it during Pro-Am golf tournaments and recommended it highly to his amateur playing partners.

Dwight Pope, Jr. who was one of the nine amateur golfers who defeated John Daly in the Pinnacle Long Drive Competition on Friday night also found the three-inch Perfect-Tee to be too short for use in the long drive competition, but e-mailed "The Perfect Tees that I have brought home with me have been a big hit around here with the people I play with. They like them and play with some of the ones I received. I say nothing but good things about it"

Feedback from many of the amateur golfer participants in the Pro-Am golf tournaments was very favorable.

  There was definitely a "buzz" throughout the five-day event regarding the Perfect-Tee.

  In less than two months of talking and working with Art Sellinger, Owner of the LDA, the Perfect-Tee became the "official golf tee" of the LDA, as well as the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. Art Sellinger’s approved quote is: "I’ve tested the product and seen its benefits."

  There will be several television specials on the RE/MAX event in the next several months:

  ESPN – December 21st and December 25th

Sky Sports – November 11th and December 11th – shown twice each day.


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